Script Submission

Sharpened Iron Studios is committed to bringing quality entertainment to it viewers while staying the to the message of Jesus Christ. Every project produced by Sharpened Iron Studios will adhere to the productions guidelines as below

1. Faith-Based FilmsEvery faith-based project produced by Sharpened Iron Studios will not contradict scripture in its messaged without exception. The story must reflect he message of Jesus Christ in a positive manner and stay true to the gospel. 

2. Secular FilmsFilms that are not faith based will need to seek approval by the Sharpened Iron Studios production board before being allowed to continue. The following guidelines will be strictly enforced when reviewing the material: ​

  • No nudity, sex scenes, or sexually provocative content whatsoever. 

  • No Excessive language. 

  • No gore/torture porn.

  • Drug use on-screen will not be shown in a positive light. 

3. Exceptions:

  • Exceptions may be made  it any of the above guidelines are important to the story (ie. war films, content needed for historical accuracy, etc). These exceptions must be approved by the Sharpened Iron Studios Production board.

Thank you for your interest in submitting a script to Sharpened Iron Studios! Please submit your film treatment through the following form via a link.

Script Submission

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