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Post Production

Passionate Producers

When you get your film "in the can" the next step in your production will post work. Soon, you will need look no further than right down the hall at SIS. Sharpened Iron Studios is developing the post-production facilities you will need to immediately start your audio and visual editing as well as special effects. We will have the most powerful tools in the industry at our disposal, which means they will be at your disposal. We'll have a full line of post-production services including screening rooms, off-line and on-line editing, audio mixing, foley, and more.

Post Production Services

Whatever tool you're using, or need, our expert staff will soon be ready 24/7 to assist you with any of your post-production needs. When you are finished, we will be capable of handling all of your digital cinema packaging whether it's for a trailer, documentary or feature film.

Services include: 

  • Digital Intermediate Services 

  • Mastering and Finishing Hardware

  • Customer Support 

  • Scoring Room

  • Screening Rooms 

  • And more!

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